Version Control Bookmarks

Version Control


Mercurial - Mercurial
Mercurial: Sebastien's sheets


bzr deb packages
MatthewFuller/CVSIntro - Bazaar-NG
MatthewFuller/CVSIntro - Bazaar-NG
SharedRepositoryTutorial - Bazaar-NG
FrontPage - Bazaar-NG

Other approaches

monotone: distributed version control
Suq - the Bazaar network

Subversion (SVN)
Version Control with Subversion


SVK visual guide
Explaining the SVK Workflow
SVK three part tutorial - Part I
svk answer to E.Raymond's go to lunch
SVK- HomePage - Kwiki
svk tutorial - part ii
svk tutorial -part III
Distributed development with SVK

Comparisons and overviews

Version Control Systems Comparison
Better SCM Initiative
chris blogs: My DVCS wishlist
Jeremy's Home:SCM Systems
Comments on Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS) Software Configuration Management (SCM) Systems
Version-Control and SCMs for Linux
DVCS Mini Roundup
Decentralized Revision Control Systems
I have seen the future of free distributed revision control systems
Mainly Mercurial, with harsh comments on other systems
other free distributed VC systems
RcsComparisons - Bazaar-NG
SCMComparisons - Bazaar-NG
NewVCS - MoinMoin
bramcohen: Version Control Shenanigans
iBanjo » Blog Archive » The Risks of Distributed Version Control
DVC: Distributed Version Control for Emacs
[lsb-futures] Version Control Migration
LSB's (Linux Standard Base) list long thread on choosing a new version control. Very interesting.
Open Solaris SCM slides
Bzr: OpenSolaris DSCM Evaluation
Git: Open Solaris DSCM evaluation
Mercurial: OpenSolaris DSCM Evaluation
Mercurial: OpenSolaris Forums final choice of SCM
Mercurial: T.Tso's comment on [lsb-futures]
T.Tso's on DCS backing on [lsb-futures]
Joint Mercurial / Bazaar-NG sprint in London, June 2
Bzr vs Hg on [lsb-futures]
Bazaar-NG vs. Mercurial -- speed comparison


DARCS comments
Darcs manual, 1.0.7pre1
Darcs manual, one page
BestPractices - DarcsWiki
HintsAndTips - DarcsWiki
GettingStarted - DarcsWiki
Darcs Wiki
Working with Darcs- example with carpet
Darcs example from Zwiki
Darcs: main page
switch from CVS to darcs
Emacs and Darcs
[darcs-users] CVS-style development with darcs